Getting to be more green

One thing that has really been interesting to me lately, is the idea of organic gardening. Gardening is supposed to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences yet it also helps to create a more green and organic Universe. I have always been curious about gardening and I think I may just try it out!


My neighbors back at home have one of the most vast gardens I have ever seen. They grow peppers, tomatoes, grapes, apples, peaches, basil, thyme, and many other wonderful herbs. Her garden is way more intricate than mine could ever be, but it gave my family inspiration to start small!

This past summer, we began to garden tomatoes and basil. You could say that we do love a fresh caprese salad! Its truly so simple to begin your own mini garden. All you need are planters pots, good dark soil, and seeds from your local gardening store and you’re all set to start growing.

Other than the obvious economical and health benefits of growing fresh produce on your own, there are four surprising facts that make gardening even more beneficial. This website gives you more information, but I’ll outline them for you!

1. Improves your satisfaction of life. That’s right – gardening can actually make you happier! It’s been scientifically proven that being outdoors, surrounded by flowers and fresh fruit and other wildlife can really enhance your attitude.

2. Lower your osteoporosis risk. Woman are almost two times more at risk of getting osteoporosis than men are, and gardening can help to relieve this risk. Because gardening is sort of like light-weight training, it allows you to get outside and get moving. It’s a small exercise that you don’t even notice because you’re so focused on getting your fruits and veggies to the perfect ripeness.

3. Lower your diabetes risk. This is a huge one. Diabetes is the number one chronic health disease in America right now, and gardening actually provides the body with enough physical exercise to help you lose weight and therefore lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

4. Better sleep. The mental health benefits and the physical activity of gardening can actually help one sleep better at night. Gardening is relaxing and can really clear your mind, so you wont have so much to think about before you go to sleep.


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